Learn How You Can Leverage AI to Help You Create High-Quality Content

Discover the secret to creating High-Quality, Engaging Content – Without the Stress of using the right prompts.

Spend less, Ship faster
Spend less, Ship faster

Create Content <1 Hour/Week

57% of content creators spend more than 5 hours a week creating content and we assume (like them) you wish that number wasn't so high. Using ChatGPT you can cut your content creation time to less than one hour a week.

Generate Endless Ideas

ChatGPT has been trained with over 300 billion words. By following specific prompts you can eliminate writer’s block and start writing the minute your hands touch the keyboard.

Build a Content Foundation

Finding your ideal reader, their interests, and their goals can be tough. Steal my prompts to have ChatGPT do it for you and save hours of dreadful research.

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned content creator...

Creating Quality Content Is HARD! Being a Writer Isn't Enough Anymore! That's Where AI Comes In...

Creating Quality Content Is HARD! Being a Writer Isn't Enough Anymore! That's Where AI Comes In...

Have you ever wondered why some really well-written threads, blogs, or even posts in general just don’t do well in the online world?

You spend hours writing a thread… Pour your heart out into a blog post… Or post something really eye-opening on social media and…


Suddenly you question why you’re even posting content. You’re not a bad writer yet it seems like no one likes your content. But we both know that’s not true. In fact…

There’s a solution to getting more people to engage with your content and I’ll show you in just a minute because you need to understand something first…

It’s the algorithm’s fault! Seems like an easy thing to blame but let me show you why…

For most platforms on social media (and even blogging), the first couple of hours are crucial to any post. If it does well within that time frame…

You’re much more likely to see lots of engagement. If not…

Chances are you have another dud on your hands. In fact…

Hootsuite even did a study on Twitter and found: “Twitter will prioritize a Tweet based on how popular it is and how people in your network are interacting with it.”

So suddenly “great” writing isn’t the thing that makes Tweets go viral.

It’s the interaction they get based on the people that are seeing your Tweets right away. And while I don’t want to dive too deep into the reasoning here…

There is a solution to getting more interactions from people that view your content. It’s something I’ve been doing for just over a year now and has been one of the biggest reasons behind my following growing to over 200,000.

Creating content frameworks. Doesn’t sound fancy I know. But here’s why it works…

Content frameworks are essentially ways to organize your content to ensure that people will be hooked by it and enjoy reading it.

There are a few styles of writing that you likely see all over the internet. An example from Twitter was the “If you’re an overthinker read this…” threads. That hook is a content framework!

By finding frameworks that people are likely to open… read more about it… and engage with… you too can start capturing more eyeballs and increasing your engagement.

It’s the perfect combination of great writing and giving people what they want to see! That’s why it’s so powerful and why you need to understand content frameworks.

It’s the reason why some writers can’t grow on Twitter. They don’t know how people want to read their information. Frameworks solve that.

That’s why I want to show you the best way to communicate with AI so that you can start generating content frameworks that are engaging to readers on any platform you post from!

It's all inside one video masterclass…

Here's a Sneak Peek Inside The ContentGPT Course:

The course is over 2 hours of video content that you get lifetime access to. Not only will I share the best prompts... I'll show you how to make the responses higher quality so that you can spend less time trying to get the answers you want.

Here's what we'll be talking about:

Module #2 Content Creation Tools and Fundamentals ⚒️

There are millions of online tools that you can use these days. I’ll reveal a few little-known tools that are great for streamlining content creation.

Module #3 Finding Your Target Audience and Niche 🗣️

Creating content becomes easier when you know the exact person you’re writing to. Steal my formula for finding your ideal reader.

Module #4 Say Goodbye to Writer’s Block and Burnout ✍️

Content creation can take a toll on your mind and energy. Follow these simple tips to never be stuck staring at a blank page and enjoy content creation again.

Modules #5 & #6 Creating Content for Major Platforms 📣

Different platforms call for different content. Watch me use ChatGPT to help with content for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, and more!

Module #7 Writing Long-Form Content 📜

ChatGPT is great for pumping out short-form ideas but what about long-form? I’ll uncover the exact prompts to use and get quality long-form content generated for you instantly and how to avoid plagiarism to pass the AI content detection test.

Module #10 Prompts to Use 🤖

If you know the right prompts to use… you can make ChatGPT an employee. Rob me of the X prompts I use to get ChatGPT to give me the most quality responses.

But don't take our word for it!

Here's What The First Few People Inside Have Said...

The thing that not many people have discovered...

ChatGPT Wasn't Made to Create Content! But You Can Teach It To...

ChatGPT was made to give people shortcuts for doing things by producing logical answers to the questions you ask it.

But unless correctly prompted to do so... You can't create QUALITY content with ChatGPT!

It'll spit out some basic knowledge that anyone could post about. The secret?

Prompting it to produce:

  • emotional
  • engaging
  • valuable

Responses that generate attention and interest from any industry it's talking about. And this is the one thing no one has decided to share yet!

Guru's on Twitter... Course creators trying to make a quick buck... And other content creators playing into the hype...

Are all doing so because it's what people want to hear! But what they need...

Is a way to prompt ChatGPT to produce responses that actually generate interest on social media... blog posts... and other methods that boost your online presence.

Because let's face it... You don't need more boring bland writing.

You need:

  • engaging stories
  • valuable statistics
  • formatting that drives curiosity

This is what goes viral! This is what generates billions of impressions every day across different platforms. This is what will help you stand out from your competition. My Twitter account is proof of that.

And I've found the best way to communicate with AI so that you can start generating content frameworks that are engaging to readers on any platform you post from!

In fact...

And just in case this isn't what you expected...

Get Your Money Back In 14 Days If You Don't Like It!

If you go through the ContentGPT course... read through all the elite content creation strategies... and still don't feel like it was worth your money... I'll give you every dollar back! I'm not here to scam anyone. These are real strategies and prompts I've used to grow my audience to 200,000+ followers that I want to share with you.

Who Is The ContentGPT Course For?

Marketers looking to improve their content creation process.

Content creators looking to save time and eliminate writer's block.

Writers looking to discover how to create engaging content.

Solopreneurs looking to boost their online presence and brand awareness.

Social media managers looking to generate engaging quality content across multiple platforms.

Small business owners looking to create high-quality content without hiring a team of writers.

Anyone looking to leverage the power of AI.

Hi, I'm Harsh Makadia

I'm a software engineer with 7+ years of experience in Tech. I've posted content on the internet for 600+ days straight.

My interest in AI tools has led to many sleepless nights learning about the newest developments on the market. I started using them for my own gain and have managed to find a way to save hundreds of hours a year.

I made this course to help content creators looking for a way to live out the freedom they desire. Doing less of the busy work and focusing on what they want to pursue.

You'll Even Learn How to Make ChatGPT Sound More Human…

In a world where more and more people are using AI for content… social media is starting to sound robotic. You see the same threads over and over it seems (or is that just me?).

Most people and companies?

  1. Ask ChatGPT to spit out some content ideas
  2. Pick a couple of them
  3. Ask ChatGPT to write a long-form version for each of them
  4. Copy and paste the output into their website and social media team

It’s sad! But now there’s a solution…

I’ve taken hours to go back and forth with ChatGPT and determined the easiest way to transform the outputs it gives you. Because at the end of the day…

People are reading your content because it’s interesting (hopefully) and because they like YOU! They don’t want to read through AI content all the time. They want to hear your views and opinions.

By getting AI to add your own unique voice into the outputs you get… You’ll automatically stand out from anybody using AI for their content.


Are you ready to see the true power of AI?

Unlock The ContentGPT Course And Create Quality Content At Lightning Speed!

Learn to communicate with AI so that you can start generating content frameworks that are engaging to readers on any platform you post from!

Never run out of content ideas again.

Optimize your content for SEO.

Eliminate writer's block and save time.

Boost your brand's online presence.

Create content across multiple platforms.

✅ Build a loyal audience by sharing educational, inspirational, and entertaining content.

Create high-quality content quickly (and save hours every week).